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Sunday30 April 2017

Projects in the Spotlight: Dr Stewart Ryan

This month we feature research project work by Dr Stewart Ryan of Werribee node. Dr Ryan is interested in 3D training models that are useful for learning techniques. For example, coiling vessels to treat a bleeding sinonasal tumour in a horse, guttural pouch empyema in the horse, intrahepatic porstosystemic shunts in the dog; and use of subcutaneous ureteral bypass in cats with ureteral stones.

Projects in the Spotlight: Dr Blaine McCracken

This month we feature research project work by Dr Blaine McCracken of Werribee node. Dr McCracken looking at how a different laparoscopic technique that is currently used in humans and dogs may be adapted for use in rabbits, hopefully making the procedure safer for the rabbits.

The Silver Lining Gene that Could Help Depression

Dr Chad Bousman of the University of Melbourne wanted to know why some people developed long-term depression. His team found the answer. Research published in British Journal of Psychiatry Open focusses on the SERT gene, which transports the mood-regulating chemical serotonin. Read more.


Work Experience - Melbourne Neuroscience Institute

The Melbourne Neuroscience Institute is running a comprehensive and diverse science-based work experience program for secondary school students (Year 9 and 10) in Australia. Students will have the opportunity to work with a different research each day in disciplines such as engineering, neurology, clinical science, medicine, music, ethics, etc. Read more.

MRtrix Software Package Has Over 8200 Downloads

MRtrix software package was developed at the Florey Austin for the processing of diffusion MRI, is widely used internationally and currently has over 8200 downloads. MRtrix forms the basis for a Siemens Work In Progress Package that is expected to be released shortly.