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Monday08 March 2021

This month we feature research from Robert Turner of Werribee node. Robert's research work is attempting to establish whether a relationship exists between body composition and fat distribution in dogs and the appearance of their pancreas on ultrasonography and computed tomography.

This month we feature research from Myrte Strik of Parkville node. Myrte's Ph.D. work focuses on the integration of gait biomechanics and 7 Tesla MRI to monitor and predict the progression of gait dysfunction in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients.

This month we feature research from Yasmin Blunk of Parkville node. Yasmin's Ph.D. work focuses on Sodium MRI. Sodium is the second most abundant MR observable nucleus and has the potential to provide tissue information that is quite different from that of conventionally acquired proton-based MR images.

This month we feature research project work by Dr Sharna Jamadar of Clayton Node. Dr Jamadar is focused on cognitive reserve and its protective effect against age-related cognitive decline.

This month we feature research from Dr Talitha Ford of Hawthorn Node. Talitha's Ph.D. work focused on revealing a shared phenotype within the autism and schizotypal spectra at a subclinical level.