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Sunday28 February 2021

Professor Christopher Rowe, Director of Molecular Imaging Research (Austin Health), accepted the Weary Dunlop Award on May 19th at the Repatriation Hospital (Heidelberg) for research that links trauma and Alzheimer's disease in Vietnam veterans. Director Rowe is leading the Australian arm of the research.

The Melbourne Neuroscience Institute’s (MNI) 2014 Annual Report is now available. The report presents an overview of the MNI outreach and engagement programs, key research highlights, funding initiatives, and governance structure. The report also describes the guiding principles and core functions of promoting productivity and enhancing collaborative interaction in the neurosciences.  This information is useful in understanding the breadth of neuroscience research at the University of Melbourne, and the role of the MNI in its facilitation.

MNI 2014 Annual Report

The VBIC has recently published a document to discuss the ways incidental findings can be handled and their pros and cons. This discussion is based on a review of relevant node documents and input from Node Directors. The outcome of this document is to guide researchers and radiologists in the management of incidental findings in a range of studies (but primarily brain-based MRI scans).

An incidental finding is an abnormality discovered unexpectedly in research subject during medical research. A clinically significant incidental finding is one that indicates a subject’s present or future state of health is likely to be affected by the finding.

You can download the PDF version here.

Any questions or comments regarding the guidelines can be directed to the VBIC Business and Support Manager, Dr Richard Huysmans.

A series of advanced, hands-on workshops for the University of Melbourne and Florey PhD students will be available during 2015. These workshops will offer students the opportunity to develop skills in key areas that they identify to be directly related to their research project. Each program has been designed by the Workshop Leader to provide a comprehensive, small group experience.

There are 6 workshop programs offered in 2015. Further information on these is available here.

Congratulations to the recipients of the University of Melbourne 7T MRI Pilot Projects for 2014.